Girls’ Education

Rhythm of Life acknowledges that containing the threat of the HIV / Aids virus requires the courage to tackle challenging social issues, the commitment to making long-term investments, and a preparedness to go beyond existing measures. As an organisation, we view HIV / Aids not only as a health problem, but also a product of — and exacerbated by — human rights violations. Since HIV / Aids disproportionately affects the poorest, least educated, and most marginalized groups, our aim is to eliminate stigma and to empower those living with the virus.

The daughters of sex workers are instrumental in our vision to bring about change in the red light districts and improve the life chances of a “forgotten and marginalized” group.


Sex Work

The Sexual Health and Rights Project (SHARP), an initiative from the Public Health Program of the Open Society Institute, argues that access to healthcare for vulnerable peoples should be a universal right.

This blog is intended to provide a snapshot of the lives of the women we engage with on a day to day basis. We hope that there are useful lessons to take from the work we are doing. Ultimately, we want to ask policymakers and donors around the world to increase their support for the health and rights groups working to improve the life chances of sex workers. With funding we can continue our work in education, service provision and advocacy. By increasing access to health and social care services and promoting good laws and policies, we want to bring an end to discrimination against sex workers and reduce the incidence of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. More importantly, we want to create a world that is just.