Our sponsorship programme


The aim is to empower the daughters of sex workers through education.

“Her Tomorrow” is a programme that uses education to promote social mobility among the daughters of HIV-positive sex workers.

Our approach is pragmatic and simple. Research shows that educating and empowering girls and women breaks the cycle of generational poverty. Girls’ education raises the standard of living of families, which in turn increases a country’s GDP based on the number of people in employment. As well, education has many health benefits including HIV prevention, and reducing maternal and child mortality.

“Her Tomorrow” is aimed at young women aged 16- 27 years old, living in the red-light districts of Uganda. Presently, we are operating in Kabalagala red light district- Makindye Division, Kampala District. Typically, the young women we work with are either in higher secondary school, in college, or other higher education institution. We currently sponsor one girl in primary school.

We want to help the daughters of sex workers who may lack the means to complete their education. We will provide sponsorship for their formal education or vocational training. This will hopefully also alleviate the pressures felt by sex workers to continue to engage in sex work as the best means of advancing their children’s education. Moreover, our wider aim is to discourage the tendency for daughters of sex workers to also become involved in sex work. We want to provide them with an alternative. In transforming the relationship between sex workers and their daughters, we hope to create strong family units that are also economically empowered.

Eventually, the daughters will become ambassadors for Rhythm of Life. Our ambassadors will undergo rigorous training in order to become leaders within their communities. They will be committed to changing the status quo within their communities – disseminating information through leaflets, public speaking engagements and presentations to raise awareness about needs of sex workers with HIV/AIDS and the dangers of marginalisation and stigmatisation. They will also be involved with the “Rhythmic Voices” project, which will see them take charge of running events at their schools and blogging about their experiences on this website.

To summarise, the “Her Tomorrow” project will aim to tackle the major challenges that the daughters of sex workers are experiencing in their lifetime, such as:

  • Limited educational priority given to girl children by parents in the red light districts.
  • Inability for the daughters of HIV positive sex workers to access educational opportunities because of lack of funds and stigma.
  • The likelihood that the daughters of sex workers will also become involved in sex work as the best and only means/ option for survival.
  • Lack of employment opportunities for the daughters of sex workers because of poor education and limited skills that limits their chances of competing favourably in the job market.
  • The stigmatisation of HIV/AIDS and sex work in Uganda and, thus, the marginalisation of the daughters by proxy of the association with sex workers.

How you can help – our sponsorship plan.

For €20 per month (€240 per year), you can  sponsor a girl -child in the red light district. With this amount, we can pay for:

  • School fees
  • Books
  • Stationary
  • School Uniforms
  • School shoes
  • Additional expenses incl. transportation

All sponsors of the “Her Tomorrow” programme will receive regular updates about their sponsee. This will include an annual academic progress report. We will also provide a forum for the sponsor and sponsee to keep in touch with each other. We hope that our sponsors will become mentors to these young people, taking an interest in their studies and general development. As a mentor, you will use your experience and skills to coach the young person and to advice them on any academic or career-related decisions.

The opportunity to become a mentor, in addition to being a sponsor, is available on a voluntary basis. We hope that most of our sponsors will become mentors.